United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association


Mr Gary Treeby: President

Gary has been involved with dogs all his life and currently has several Belgian Shepherds that is working in security and are NASDU licensed as well as other Belgian Shepherds that are trained in personal protection.

Ian Alexander: Vice President

Ian currently is training a young Belgian Shepherd from the Vant Haagse Bloed Kennels in Holland as well as other breeds and competes in IPO which he says he really enjoys.

Ian has been in the IPO sport for many years and enjoys going out to Europe to train whenever he can.


Alexander Mouyis: Chairman

Alexander comes from a security background and was previously in the army, Alexander has recently selected a bitch from the Marix kennels in Belgium and she will be trained for the security sector. 

Alexander says he is looking forward to the journey in creating a fine example of the breed along side his training colleagues and is proud to be a valuable member of the UKBSWDA committee.

Shangar Sivarajah : Secretary 

Shangar has been involved in dog sport for a number of years and competes both in the UK & Europe and trains in the UK & Holland when he can and says he really enjoys the sport, Mr Sivarajah has been instrumental in developing the UKBSWDA.
Shangar has a diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA Dip MA), and graduated from Reading University with Ba in Buisnes Ecomonics. He has worked in the Logistics industry for 10 years overseeing the finance function, and is currently head of finance at a fast growing Freight Forwarders specialising in the e-commerce sector. 

 Shangar has a great passion for working dog breeds, maintaining the philoshpohy that working dogs are bred to work, and we as responsible dog handlers should give these dogs the opportunity to do so. 
 He currently competes in IPO, travelling to Europe when able to further develop knowedge and skills in IPO.

Marielle Van Der Kooij: IGP World Championships consultant

Marielle is a very well respected IGP trainer/competitor and has competed at the FMBB WC many times as well as being the Dutch champion.

Marielle has a deep passion for the IPO sport and the Belgian Shepherd, Michael our President trains regulary in Holland with both Marielle and her husband Paul who is also a very well respected IPO trainer/competitor and KNPV trainer.

We are very pleased to have Marielle onboard with the UKBSWDA and we look forward to the coming months ahead.

Steve Young: Marketing and Events Co-Ordinator

Steve currently has a Belgian Shepherd from Holland and trains in personal protection work and says he really enjoys being on the training field with his dog.

Steve comes from a marketing background and the UKBSWDA are pleased to have him on board.

 Michael Mc Cann: Working Director

Michael has been training dogs for over 20 years and owns & trains Belgian Shepherds and Dobermanns.

Michael has gained various degrees of canine related qualifications ranging from Dog Psychology to Understanding Canine Aggression through CIDBT (Cambridge Institute of Dog Behavior and Training) gaining Professional Instructor Skills and Management in Dog Training, receiving National Dog Training Instructor certification from CIDBT, GODT Guild of Dog Trainers (Master Dog Trainer status), MBIPDT/ GODTMT/ NASDU.

Michael was previously an approved & accredited instructor for NASDU

 (National Association of Security Dog Users) delivering HABC GPSDH L2 & L3 courses to ex Police, Military, Security & civilian personnel.

 Michael is an accredited KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor) which was presented to him at Crufts in 2015 by Mr Paul Rawlings Chairman of the KCAI Board. Michael is also doing a BA Hons degree in Canine Behavior & Psychology and is an approved trainer for the Kennel Club GCDS as well as an A list examiner.

Michael also completed courses with Edinburgh University in Animal Behaviour & Welfare under Professor Natalie Waran, BSc, PhD, Dr Fritha Langford, BSc, MSc, PhD , Dr Susan Jarvis, BSc, MSc, PhD , Heather Bacon, BSc BVSc CertZooMed MRCVS , Hayley Walters, RVN , Dr Jill MacKay, M.Sci, PhD.

Michael assess dogs for various police forces such as the Metropolitan Police, Surrey Police, Kent Police and also carries out assessments on dog's that have been seized by the police under the Dangerous Dog's Act 1991 for the magistrate courts for various solicitors & private clients.

With a deep passion in how dogs learn and behave, the Belgian Shepherd breed is a particular passion for Michael's due to their strong high drives & specific training techniques needed to get the best from them.

Michael has trained many Belgian Shepherds for Security / Personal Protection and IPO and is currently training his young pup from Holland as well as being currently involved in the training of approximately 10 other Belgian Shepherds for other handlers involved in IPO,PP & Security work.

Currently Michael is competing with a 3 yr old female Dobermann from the Warringhof & Vom Jaspis kennel in Germany gaining his IGP1 in Holland gaining the highest points of the trial in Obedience. And recently gained his IGP2 at the 2017 Dutch Nationals also winning the Dutch Youth Working Champion title of 2017 as well as the Dutch Female Working Champion title of 2017 & 2018 a first for any dog from the UK. And gained their IGP3 in the UK and got the only 100p track under an FCI judge.

 Michaels current Belgian Shepherd puppy is from the 2017 Dutch IPO all breeds Champion Germali's Nero and top Dutch Kennel Van't Haagse Bloed. 

And has just completed their BH.

Michael trains regularly in Holland with top IGP trainers & FMBB world championship competitors Paulus Bosma & Marielle Van Der Kooij and is a regular member of their club in Pijknacker Holland as well as being a guest member of various other Dutch IGP Clubs.

Michael is a licensed bite helper in IGP assessed & licensed by FCI World Championship Judge Mr Simon Kwak from Holland as well as being a licensed tracklayer.

Michael gained his Dutch Helper licence in 2016 having worked under the guidance of International & World Championship Competition helper Dhr Ruud Broeders. The examining judge in Utrecht was Dhr Rick Zainal from Holland.

Michael competes throughout Europe & the UK in IGP which he says is something he really enjoys.

James Bows: Helper Co-ordinator

James is responsible for overseeing the licensing of UKBSWDA bite helpers, organising approved FCI judges for helper licensing and liaising with the working dogs director for all trials and team selection. 

James has a long history of working with all varieties of dogs and grew up involved with dog sport IPO Schutzhund (a high level points-based sport including three phases – Tracking, Obedience, and Protection). James competes and assists in the sport. James has previously assisted team UK at the WUSV World Championship in Germany, most recently in 2016
James is one of the few licensed  A grade GSDL helpers

James has been selected to be the helper at the GSDL national championships, the all breeds national championships and WUSV world championship qualification trials as well as being the first UK helper to have done the Coenstadt in Holland.