United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association


Procuring a Trial Judge

The UKBSWDA will accept any judge from an FMBB/FCI member club who has completed a judge’s program that has been reviewed and approved by the UKBSWDA. Likewise, any judge licensed by an FCI organization who is approved to judge internationally is acceptable. If there is a question about the acceptability of a specific judge, contact the UKBSWDA working dogs director.

Once a judge has been identified, it is acceptable to contact that judge to see if they are available to officiate at your trial. The name of the judge should be submitted along with other trial information (location, date, titles to be offered) to the UKBSWDA working director Michael Mc Cann. 

Following approval of the trial and the judge, there are several routes to follow depending on the organization that your judge represents.

To obtain an international FCI judge, the trial information must be sent to the UKBSWDA Secretary ukbswdags@gmail.com

Please include contact information for the judge, the country in which the judge is based, and if possible, contact information for that Kennel Club. 

The UKBSWDA general secretary will contact the Kennel Club for authorization. Foreign Kennel Clubs can often take several months to respond, so please submit your request early.