United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association


October 2015

General Information: 

  1. Dogs are not allowed to trial in bandages or braces.
  2. Dog must present in a healthy , good physical condition.
  3. During the dumbbell toss it is not faulty if the handler's outside foot moves to help throw the dumbbell if it does not affect the dog in basic position.
  4. Dogs should be calm going to critique spot. Dogs should be at a sit or down only during critique. The handler should not be playing with or overly praising the dog during the critique. Handlers need to remain on the field until both competitor critiques are completed.
  5. All dogs entered into a UKBSWDA trial must be able to be identified by tattoo or microchip.
  6. Regarding motivational objects: No motivation objects can be in the handler's possession at any time on any trial field (i.e. trial field or tracking field). During tracking the area where motivational objects are allowed is the designated parking area.