United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association


Welcome to our website here you will find information on the Belgian Shepherd working dog, our events, trials and our membership. You can also apply for your working books through us which is approved & recognised by the FMBB and FCI.

 We are the only organisation in the UK that can supply you with approved and recognised FMBB UKBSWDA work books.

We want to further promote dogsports, competitive obedience, agility and other areas dedicated to promoting the stimulation of dogs which we hope will also promote responsible dog ownership.

Come onboard we look forward to welcoming you to our growing organisation, the future ahead and the further promotion of the Belgian Shepherd.


We are a new organisation recently accepted to the FMBB but that does not mean we are inexperienced. We compete with our dogs and have access to some of the most respected FCI judges and helpers in the world. All our working trials are built around a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, we welcome new branches and trainers to come on board as long as they meet the required UKBSWDA criteria.

The UKBSWDA promotes the working abilities of the Belgian Shepherd we can put you in contact with various clubs that compete in dogsports - Security Work- Scent Work - Agility and put you in touch with various organisations and trainers that can help you gain nationally recognised handler & dog qualifications ranging from GPSDH L2-L3, Explosive Detection, Cadaver Work, Search & Rescue, Drug Detection etc.

We can put you in touch with breeders in Europe and the UK that breed purely for health-confirmation and working ability.

Please see our applications page for your membership and workbook application forms  http://www.ukbswda.co.uk/membership .

Our workbooks are recognised and approved by the FMBB and FCI.

Please add us to your favourites list to keep up to date with all the latest news, seminars, events & upcoming AGM & SGM meetings as its the responsibility of each UKBSWDA member to check the website for all relevant information as we do not send out email reminders due to some members not having up to date contact details or members not renewing their membership and the new GDPR regulations.

We have international renowned helpers who have done helpers work at some of the biggest events in the world as well as access to trainers who are consistently competing at the FMBB WC and have been many times national champions, we work hard to ensure we keep our organisation current and inviting to all levels so come join us.