United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association


Constitution and By-laws: United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association


A. The name of this association shall be knowns as "United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association"


A. The logo of this association may not be used by anyone other then the UKBSWDA or its clubs


A. The Member Club is and shall be conducted as a non-profit organisation.

B. No member may derive any income from the association. Persons who, in the course of official duties or in service to the association, incur expenses may apply to the Treasurer for reimbursement of these expenses.

C. The fiscal year of the UKBSWDA  shall begin on January 1 of each year.


The objectives of this association shall be to preserve the Belgian Malinois in accordance with the Breed Standard as a working dog, to promote humane training methods for the working dog, and to support responsible dog ownership and breeding practices.

Activities shall:

  1. Promote IPO and schutzhund training for the working dog.
  2. Promote the versatility of the Belgian Malinois by supporting and participating in the sports of schutzhund, IPO, Mondio Ring, and agility trials, tracking and endurance tests, and working certifications for SAR and detection dogs.
  3. Promote any other competitions or tests to insure the further development and maintenance of the Belgian Malinois as a working dog, and to encourage local clubs to implement these competitions and tests.
  4. Support the use of working dogs for search and rescue work, police work, customs and border patrol work, guide dog work, scenting work and in other ways for which working dogs are utilized.
  5. Produce a vehicle of communication to promote the objectives of the association.



The UKBSWDA, and its Member Clubs are classified as  IPO and schutzhund training clubs for working Belgian Malinois, and open to other breeds for the purposes of training at the discretion of the club.

A Full Membership in this association includes a membership in the UKBSWDA with voting rights.

Honorary Members shall have all rights and privileges of membership, but shall not vote or hold office.

There is individual & joint membership available.


A. Annual dues

The club officers shall establish the amount of dues for all types of membership. Honorary members shall be exempt from annual dues. Dues shall be honored for one (1) year from the date of origin, and payable by January 1st the current membership is found on the memberships page http://www.ukbswda.co.uk/membership 

B. Non-payment of dues

One (1) month before the expiration date of his membership, each member shall be so notified by Member Club. Any member whose dues are not paid by the expiration date shall have his membership canceled. Such cancellation shall result in loss of all rights and privileges of membership.

C. Resignation

Any member of the UKBSWDA may resign from the association at any time and shall be deleted from the membership list. Resignations must be submitted to the Membership secretary in writing. All dues are non-refundable.


A. President

The President is the Chief Executive Officer and legal head of the association. The president exercises supervision over the association and all its activities. The President may sign letters and documents necessary to carry out the will of the association. The President promotes activities that enhance communication among members and other individuals or associations that are aligned with the objectives of Member Club.

B. Vice President

The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in case of his/her absence or incapacitation. The Vice President shall assume that office for the remainder of the term in the event the office is vacated for any reason.

C. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting, accounting for and handling all funds of the association. The Treasurer shall insure that all funds are deposited in a designated financial institution. He/she shall see that disbursements therefrom are made as is necessary and proper to meet the just and due obligations of Member Club. The Treasurer shall maintain a financial report available on request by the President or other officers. The Treasurer shall make all of his/her records available at the General Board meeting for review by any full member of UKBSWDA. The Treasurer shall terminate the membership of any individual if dues are not paid.

D. General Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and preparing accurate minutes of all meetings and shall maintain a complete file of the ordinances, bylaw revisions, resolutions and other official Member Club action. The secretary shall maintain a file of committees and the members thereof. The secretary shall be responsible for overseeing the membership records of individuals and shall insure that all membership requirements are met.

E. Training Directors

Training Directors are responsible for ensuring the use of humane and effective methods of training for the training of the Belgian Malinois in various sports and tests. Training Directors are selected in their area of expertise in training the Belgian Malinois for work or for sport. Each director is the club’s point of contact as indicated in their title. These appointments are designed to promote activities and learning in all aspects of work and sport with the Belgian Malinois.

F. Members

All Members of Member Clubs recognize the UKBSWDA as the parent organization and agree to the observance of the UKBSWDA Constitution and Bylaws and ordinances. In the event of conflict between the provisions of the UKBSWDA Constitution and Bylaws and/or rules and the bylaws and/or rules of Member Club, the provision(s) of the UKBSWDA Constitution and Bylaws and/or rules shall prevail.

FMBB World Championships: All UKBSWDA members who express interest in going to the FMBB WC and meets the required scores will get as much help as we can possibly provide be that in helping the team to gain sponsorship etc though this is not a given right and all responsibility in making provisions to get to the event lies solely with the participant.

For a copy of our complaints procedure email ukbswda@gmail.com only available to paid up members.